About Vince Geraci

Vince Geraci was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He studied automotive engineering and design at the Chrysler Institute of Engineering. Upon graduation, he began his artistic career in automotive design working in such studios as DeSoto, Plymouth & Imperial. He later joined American Motors and was promoted to the Director of Interior Design. After AMC merged with Chrysler, Geraci was Chief in exteriors.


Geraci's automotive designs utilized many different forms of illustration, including airbrush, watercolor, prisma color pencils & pastels. His initial expansion into other genres focused mostly on landscapes with a desire to preserve a little American history utilizing graphite pencil and rapidograph pen.


His ongoing desire and love of drawing has now led and propelled him into developing his own unique style and flavor, which combines a visual balance he calls Detailing Impressions. His latest acrylic work is inspired by various Italian themes.


Vince Geraci has an affection for most forms of art and his ultimate achievement would be that his work touches each individual in a unique and memorable way.


Vince remains involved in car design and feels fortunate to have evolved from designing fender forms to painting picturesque scenes of Venice. To him, it is all in a days labor of love!


AMC Designer Biography

Vince J. Geraci joined American Motors as a staff designer in 1959 after stints in Chrysler Corporation's Desoto, Imperial and Plymouth Styling studios. He rose quickly at AMC, becoming assistant manager of exterior design in 1961 and manager of the Rambler and Ambassador studio in 1965. He worked on the 1965 Marlin program as well. Other Projects included the 1967-1969 senior cars. In 1971 he was appointed director of interior design. Under his direction AMC introduced ground-breaking "Design Interiors" that included the Pierre Cardin Javelin, Oleg Cassini Matador, and the top-selling Levi's Gremlin, Hornet and Jeep. He was director of interior design for Jeep/Renault Division from 1973-1985. From 1985 to 1992 Geraci led interior design efforts for Jeep Wrangler, Wagoneer and Cherokee. He was the last head of AMC Design which was phased out after the company was merged with Chrysler Corporation.